Hamburg Metropolitan Region AI Ecosystem

This is an overview of companies that currently offer AI Technology and AI solutions or act as service providers to help companies with implementation:

Name URL Industry Category
Millionways Other Startup
AI.Hamburg Cross-industry Initiative
Verlingo Enterprise Software Startup
TheBlue AI Cross-industry Startup
Ginkgo Analytics Cross-industry Dienstleister
Fuse AI Healthcare Startup
data42 Cross-industry Startup
CollectAI Cross-industry Startup Cross-industry Initiative Cross-industry Initiative
TuTech Cross-industry Initiative
Hamburg@work Cross-industry Initiative
Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) Cross-industry Initiative
Adtriba Cross-industry Startup
NeuroFlash Cross-industry Startup
Picalike Retail & Commerce Startup
Panda Manufacturing Startup
Voya Transport & Mobility Startup
Joblift Cross-industry Startup
Kreditech Finance Startup
Cargonexx Logistics Startup
CellmatiQ Healthcare Startup
Aiconix Media & Publishing Startup
Skylab Agriculture Startup
Name URL Industry Category