AI For Hamburg

When a machine or computer solves problems or makes automatic decisions on tasks that normally require human intelligence, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The strength of AI lies in its ability to learn from (large amounts of) data. Companies can increase their added value and efficiency by using AI.

AI.HAMBURG promotes the knowledge and widespread use of artificial intelligence and especially machine learning in companies in the region. Smart companies benefit the Hamburg economy and have a positive impact on the competitiveness of the entire metropolitan region.

AI.Hamburg is a founding member of the AI4Germany Initiative, which brings together leading initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to actively support the local economy and society in Germany in the application of artificial intelligence – and thus accompanying Germany into the age of AI.

“Artificial intelligence automates thought and decision processes. This is power that brings with it an enormous potential for positive, economic and social change for a region like Hamburg. Companies must work together with science and politics, and initiatives such as AI.HAMBURG, to ensure the responsible and profitable design of both AI-controlled data trading and the symbiosis between AI and humans. Those who start too late to master both, leave their competitors and especially the global digital platforms in the USA and China important room for manoeuvre and growth and ultimately their existence.”

Prof. Dr. Olaf Groth

Founder of, Professor @ Hult International Business School, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

AI for Hamburg Focuses on the Following Tasks

Workshops on AI technologies, AI strategy and AI implementation.

Assistance with implementation, support with staff training and search for new AI employees, support with the selection of service providers who can help with implementation.


Hamburg universities such as the TU Hamburg will also offer an AI Academy with advanced training courses for company employees, so that employees with programming experience can be introduced to AI and ML and learn how to use the relevant tools.

With its DigitalCluster.Hamburg, Hamburg@work promotes networking within the AI Eco system in the metropolitan region and brings together the participating companies,
organisations and institutions in an AI focus group. An additional programme of events complements the range of workshops and training courses on offer.


Networking industry, universities, politics and associations on the subject of AI.

“The AI community in the Hamburg’s metropolitan region is lively and has huge potential. As a certified European Excellence Cluster, Hamburg@work is predestined to drive the development of a network of digital leaders for relevant application areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We know that this task is so enormous that it can only be mastered together.”

Uwe Jens Neumann


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Sharing AI Knowledge and Harnessing the Future of Innovation in a German-US Partnership

Dienstag, 19. April 2021, 19:00 – 20:00 Uhr

This virtual event will kick-off the German-American Innovation Week, addressing start-ups, SMEs (Mittelstand) and research institutions of both the US and Germany, as well as everybody who is interested in innovation and collaboration between the two countries.

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