“AI will profoundly change all technologies and verticals over the next 10+ years because it will permeate all industries like the PC, the Internet and the smartphone. It is our concern with AI.HAMBURG to bring this closer to companies in the metropolitan region of Hamburg, so that they implement AI to become more competitive and efficient, which will have a positive impact on our society and location! We would be happy to shape this together with you!”

Ragnar Kruse & Petra Vorsteher

Founders of AI.HAMBURG and Smaato.

AI.HAMBURG, together with its founding partners and AI experts, has set itself the goal of making the region a beacon in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the free AI Community in Slack, it is possible to directly exchange and network with members on topics related to artificial intelligence. This includes the extensive and growing AI Ecosystem, which gives visibility to Hamburg’s AI players and offers networking opportunities.

In the newsletter, current AI news and developments are collected, AI job offers and applications are published, and current events on AI topics are pointed out. The AI.Hamburg event formats AI Info Breakfast, AI Happy Hour and AI Strategy Workshop as well as the AI Summit, as part of Blockchance 2021, are aimed at the various AI stakeholders. The aim is to support SMEs in particular to learn from AI use cases and implement smart solution concepts.

After all, smart companies will benefit the Hamburg economy and positively influence the competitiveness of the entire metropolitan region.


AI.HAMBURG is a not-for-profit-initiative initiated by the Smaato founders Petra Vorsteher & Ragnar Kruse and launched together with the Excellence Cluster Hamburg@work, Tutech Innovation, TUHH, Hamburg Invest, Ahoi Digital, ARIC Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg, and other Hamburg universities and municipal partners.

The goal of AI.HAMBURG is to accelerate the adoption of AI in companies and start-ups, to promote education and training and to build a leading ecosystem for the application of artificial intelligence.

AI.HAMBURG has an international network of advisors and AI experts who provide their knowledge and experience from various industries.

AI.Hamburg is a founding member of the AI4Germany Initiative, which brings together leading initiatives in the field of AI to actively support the local economy and society in Germany in the application of artificial intelligence.

These Are Some of Our Founding Partners.

November 15, 2022, 10:00 – 19:00 Uhr

NextGen AI Powered Funds Forum

NextGen Alpha is pleased to announce the NextGen AI Powered Funds Forum will be held November 15, 2022 at the offices of Linklaters LLP, Taunusanlage 8, 60329, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. AI.HAMBURG and AI.FUND will participate in, collaborate and support this event.

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